The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln has been campaigning for his character, Rick, to follow in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart by losing his hand.

In The Walking Dead #28, Rick Grimes first encountered one of the comic book series’ greatest villains, the Governor.

When Rick refused to tell the Governor where his camp was, the Governor retaliated by cutting off the hero’s right hand.

This, of course was teased to us during season 7 when Negan repeatedly got us thinking Karl’s hand is going to be chopped off and we were lead to believe that Rick will some how make the sacrifice and offer his hand in exchange.

Will this eventually happen? Let’s see…

What do you think? is one of the most popular shows on television ready to take such a bold step with one of its most iconic leading characters?

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Author: Josh Hayett

Josh is a retired comic book artist who never made it to the big leagues (to be fair- he never really tried) so now he’s here writing stuff about what other people are doing with their talents.
Always with an opinion about TV shows, Movies and especially why Marvel is the best ever,


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