Nintendo started out as a card company in 1889 and ventured into electronic games in 1972, becoming a tour de force in consoles, games and characters. Despite the hiccups the company faced with its Wii and Wii U, its popularity continues unabated, bolstered recently by the Switch console, which is rapidly flying off shelves. In the spirit of unforgettable NES experiences, here is a look at the top five masterpieces.

  1. Super Mario Bros.

It is hard to find anyone who has no inkling what Super Mario Bros. is, so beloved is the game worldwide. This was a game for everyone, a classic that didn’t require (at least initially) technical skills and boasted the kind of solid controls that even non-gamers appreciated. Super Mario Bros.3 took the gaming experience to another level with its non-linear progression, levels, mini-games and obstacles, giving players the ability to keep items and use them at their will. It cemented Nintendo’s position as one of the foremost gaming console providers of our time, inspiring Mario and Luigi costumes, parodies and rap battles.

Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.


  1. The Legend of Zelda

Released in 1986, the action-adventure video game is one of Nintendo’s most successful and well-known franchises, selling more than 75 million copies as of 2016. The mix of action, fantasy adventure and puzzle-solving games captured the imagination of the video-gaming audience, spawned spin-offs, and inspired an animated TV series as well as manga adaptations. The game has depth, an excellent combat system and top-notch controls, all worthy of admiration for being forward-thinking and ahead of their time.

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda
  1. Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest III, the third instalment of the Dragon Quest series sold over one million copies on the first day and recorded 300 arrests for absenteeism among students who bunked school to buy the game! Players find themselves in a medieval setting spanning two worlds and several hours of gameplay where the Hero is tasked with defeating the archfiend Baramos with three companions in tow. The game’s numerous secrets and side-plots add gravity, while the distinct roles and abilities that players can pick offer a lot of flexibility. The open-world experience of the game makes it a lot more compelling than its previous iterations.

  1. Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising, the third instalment of the Kid Icarus franchise is available in single-player, multiplayer and competitive modes for up to six players. It ticks all the right boxes: graphic, story, gameplay and music. The matches between protagonist Pit and all the challenges he must face on earth, heaven and the underworld are short and frenzied, testing your strategy skills more than your dexterity. Thanks to the eight different subcategories of weapons, you can get as experimental as you wish to be.

  1. Metroid

The science fiction action-adventure video game series has sold over 17 million copies, making it one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. It was an early frontline of the open exploration concept in video games, combining elements of Zelda and Mario to derive an exciting style


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