Apps revenue runs to billions of dollars each year. Statista forecasts that about 197 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in 2017.
In this post, we look at the top ten mobile app publishers, our list is based on revenue, number of downloaded and overall top-rated apps in Google play and App store.

Machine Zone

Founded in 2008 and based in Palo Alto, Machine Zone’s annual revenue is reportedly over a billion dollars. It is known for Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike, which rank among the top ten highest-grossing mobile games. According to Slice Intelligence, Game of War‘s players spent an average of $550 on in-app purchases in 2015, compared to the $87 average spent by players playing free-to-play games.


Tencent, China’s biggest technology company, is a dominant force in the Chinese entertainment, gaming and social media app industry. The company is famous for its WeChat app, on which users reportedly spend over 90 minutes each day. Other popular apps from the company include  QQ (modeled after Yahoo!) and Tencent Video (China’s YouTube).


The Helsinki based mobile game developer is recognized for its freemium hits Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. In 2016, Tencent acquired 84.3% of the company, which is valued at approximately $10.2 billion.


Chinese internet technology company NetEase’s mobile app revenue grew to $2.6 billion in 2016, and four of its mobile apps made it to China’s top ten top-grossing charts. Its smash-hit anime-style mobile RPG Onmyoji has attracted 10 million downloads worldwide and was picked as one of the App Store’s 10 Best iPhone games of 2016 in China and one of Facebook’s 2016 Best Mobile Games.


The Japanese social networking service has 8.6 million monthly active smartphone users. Its Monster Strike freemium mobile physics game has consistently dominated mobile app revenue charts in Japan as well as the worldwide mobile gaming market, generating a whopping $1.3 billion from 2.6 billion monthly active users in 2016.

Activision Blizzard

Activision is the Americas’ and Europe’s largest game company in terms of revenue and market capitalization. It owns King Digital Entertainment of the Candy Crush Saga fame, and soft-launched three new mobile games – Farm Adventure, Candy Crush Friends Saga, and Legend of Solgard at the beginning of 2017.

Big Fish Games

Founded in 2002, Seattle-based casual gaming company Big Fish Games has held on to its place in the list of the top ten mobile app publishers by revenue. Owned by Churchill Downs, the company has over 170 Google Play apps and more than 1,300 iOS apps.


Niantic Inc. is internationally known for its augmented reality games Pokémon Go and Ingress. Pokémon Go has grossed over $1 billion in revenue since its launch last year, becoming the fastest-growing mobile game in history as far as revenues are concerned.

Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go


Zynga is a household name among mobile gamers, known globally for its smash hit Farmville farming simulation social network game. After a slow spell in 2012, the San Francisco headquartered company has sprung back with strong mobile revenues and bookings growth.


Line Corporation operates the eponymous freeware app for instant communications on mobile devices. Along with WeChat, Line is China’s dominant mobile messaging app endorsed by 218 million users worldwide, with advertisements accounting for almost $1.1 billion of the company’s revenue.

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