Do you ever get the feeling that grilled cheese sandwiches are perhaps the world’s greatest invention while at the same time the most under-rated one?
Well I do!
Its simplicity is what makes it so amazing- that is until I found this recipe below for a combo that blew my mind- Grilled Cheese Dogs!

Once you try Grilled Cheese Dogs, you’ll never eat a hot dog the same way again!

It’s so simple to make and sooooo good!

here are the ingredients you’re going to need:

Hot dog buns
Union powder
Hot Dogs (duh)
Chedder Cheese (a lot)
Green onions
A Frying pan


Adam James

Author: Adam James

Adam is a traveler, a reader and a guy who’s always looking for new interesting adventures and experiences.
Loves trying good and exotic food and drinks and will never say no to a good cup of coffee.


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