Disappointing: that’s the one word that perhaps sums up most of the critical reaction and some of the viewers’ opinion about the recently released addition to Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe, Justice League. Now, there are so many complaints being bandied about, especially on the internet, so allow us to give our two cents on the matter and tell you everything about where we think Justice League dropped the proverbial superhero ball.


4. Steppenwolf

To be fair, Steppenwolf is a whole lot better than the villains we saw on Batman v Superman, particularly meth head Lex Luthor and CGI abomination Doomsday. To tell you the truth, Steppenwolf is pretty much on par with the Wonder Woman movies main baddie, Ares. However, that’s not saying much: they’re both pretty boring and are as disposable as that plastic soda cup you brought with you in the theater. Honestly, Steppenwolf felt like a huge, disappointing commercial to introduce Darkseid, who will serve as the primary threat throughout the whole DCEU. And speaking of Darkseid…




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