Indonesia invites many travelers from all around the world due to beautiful islands, stunning marine life, lush jungles, volcanoes, mosques, and great wildlife including Komodo dragons, orangutans, elephants, and manta rays. It consists of more than 1700 island, making Indonesia the largest island country in the world. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and the country is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.




Bali is one of the most popular and beautiful places in Indonesia and attracts many travellers from all around the world. It is known for beautiful beach spots, great dive sites, yoga retreats, rice terraces, Hindu temples, and the Mount Agung volcano. The Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu temple located on the sea with stunning views. Ubud is a relaxed tourist town and has great sites including the Monkey Forest, local markets, Balinese temples, rice terraces, and delicious restaurants, which often offer organic, vegetarian & vegan food options. Bali is also a great place for yoga and meditation, which is often offered in nature spots like rice fields. The town Amed is the place where you can dive a shipwreck and up north in Munduk you can hike through local towns and rice fields off the beaten track. Kuta is one of the most popular tourist spots for surfing and partying.




Great temples are the Prambanan temple, the Ratu Boko and the Borobudur temple, which is one of the main reasons people travel here. Borobudur is located around 40 minute drive away from Yogyakarta and offers beautiful sunrise views.  Other great sites to visit are the Goa Jomblang cave, Timang beach and its gondola, and the Ramayana Ballet, where around 200 Javanese dancers perform a dance, which is based on an ancient Hindu love story. There are also many volcanoes located close to town but the most famous is the Merapi Volcano, which is an active volcano. The climb itself is tough but you´ll be rewarded with stunning views.




Lombok has great beach spots and is perfect for surfing in the southern parts of the island. Mount Rinjani is a volcano located in the Rinjani National Park in the north of the country. It is the second highest volcano in Indonesia where travellers can hike for scenic views on the crater lake and the surrounding area. Lombok is also the gateway to the nearby Gili Islands, which are great for snorkelling and relaxing.


Komodo Island tour:

Komodo Island

The island Flores is the gateway for the famous Komodo Island National Park. The boat trip leads through stunning scenery, crystal clear water, gorgeous surrounding mountains, and amazing snorkelling spots to see manta rays, turtles, sea snakes and colourful fishes. Komodo Island and Rinca Island are the natural habitats and the places to see the fascinating Komodo dragons. Those are the largest lizards in the world which can only be found here. Another great spot is the small Padar island which offers amazing views on top of its mountain over the sea and surrounding area.

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