With a hectic holiday schedule, exercise often falls by the wayside, but finding ways to sneak in an activity will help you avoid weight gain and ease some of the stress this season often brings.

Before you start your holiday shopping at the mall, walk inside for 30 minutes or take the stairs. If you’re stressed for time, increase the intensity.

Little tricks like parking further from your destination will an additional mini workout.

Engage your kids and holiday house-guests in fitness. Plan a family hike or cross country ski adventure. Go sledding, snowshoeing or ice skating, or build a snowman.

Instead of driving to see neighborhood holiday displays and decorations, organize a walking tour. If a vacation is part of the plan, consider a ski holiday.

No matter your destination, if you’re traveling by plane or train, once you get to the terminal, walk the perimeter instead of watching the TV monitors.
Take these steps to step up exercise now, and you won’t have to worry about making it one of your new year’s resolutions.

Jannifer Smith

Author: Jannifer Smith

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