When you take a minute to think about it, today’s footballers are not very different than what pro wrestlers are expected to be (except for the occasional bump maybe), press conferences are basically the promos that are meant to “sell” us the next match and with the close eye from the media and the expectation to have a unique personality that will brand each player differently and will make him more marketable, we come across some interesting figures in the international football scene- so why not take them and match them with their in-ring counterparts?

So without further ado here are the top 9 footballers and who they would be in the ring!


Mario Balotelli- Dean Ambrose

If any footballer is worthy of the tag name- “The Lunatic Fringe” is the Italian crazy guy. Always finding a way to rub management (any management) the wrong way, finding new and creative ways to get in trouble and basically having no control over his mouth, which seems to be running with a life of its own.

When looking at their careers you can also find the similarities, as unfortunately it looks like Ambrose will never get another run as a top tier world (or Universal) champion and is doomed to play second fiddle to his Shield buddies, Balotelli is probably never going back to the big leagues and will run with 2nd and 3rd tier clubs at best and will never get a chance for champions league glory.

Also- don’t you just see Ambrose sporting a “Why always me” T-shirt sometime in the future?

Antoine Griezman- Dolph Ziggler

First of all- look at these two and tell me they weren’t separated at birth!

2 golden boys just waiting for their big push, and somehow both are still stuck in the upper-mid card- the resemblance between these two doesn’t just stop with the appearance, but goes on to their career paths. Both are very loyal to their current homes and are hoping to reach the top with them, and seem to be at the realization point that this just won’t happen as long as they stay put.

Griezman is way past the point where he was supposed to move somewhere bigger and Ziggler seems to be realizing the same, as he will never get another push for a serious world title run.

But honestly- how similar do these 2 look?!?



Eden Hazard- Randy Orton

Both are fierce competitors that appear to bring their finishing touch as if from no-where, and are identified with the blue brand.

Hazard is very similar to Orton in the way that he knows how to stick to the simple basics of the game and still make them feel spectacular. both know exactly what their worth and have the confidence to go with it. you just know that there are more world title in the future for both, as they just feel like too big of a deal to be walking around with gold.

Gianluigi Buffon- Ric Flair

A very easy one- while Buffon doesn’t seem to be losing a step in his game even heading into his 40’s, the most obvious analogy is the Nature Boy- both are in love with performing and not giving their age a second thought with the clear mindset that “as long as I’m standing I’ll keep going”. Both are symbols of class on the one hand and the “do everything to win” mentality on the other hand and both have a lot of titles and gold associated with them, having won basically anything there is to win in their respective fields.

Neymar- Edge

The Ultimate opportunists- both amazing performers who you know will go down as some of the best in history. And both did everything in their powers to make sure everyone else who didn’t realize their greatness will see them for what they know they can be.

Edge was the inventor of the surprise “Money in the Bank” cash-in, while Neymar took another approach this summer and found the loophole that will get him released from his contract with Barcelona just so he could go and make his name as a leader of an elite club.

While one is already retired with the record for most overall championship titles won, the other is surely on his way to a similar career.

Paul Pogba- Chris Jericho

This is not the only thing they know how to do- and they’re going to make sure everyone knows it. Being the best in the world at whatever they do seems to be the life mission for both these guys and so far they’re not very far off. If it’s singing, dancing, performing, acting and basically anything else you challenge them with, both Pogba and Jericho will go out of their way to be the best, but never giving up on the challenge on the way. Pogba chose to be the leader of the renewing Man Utd, while Jericho (at his late 40’s) chose to accept the challange of the up and coming Kenny Omega in Japan to put him over as the new “Best in The World”.

Zlatan- Triple H

The game, god, a lion- throw any of these title at any one of them and their massive ego’s won’t even flinch. Both iconic figures of their respective fields who have mastered the art of winning titles whenever and wherever they go. Triple H is as elemental in the WWE and wrestling as a whole, similar to the way Zlatan is to football. both give the feeling that they’ve been in the game forever, never losing a step and will probably be able to keep racking up titles long after their official retirement- which for none of them is nowhere to be seen.

Ronaldo- John Cena

The golden by- the guy that just can’t seem to be going wrong, no matter how hard you try and stop him, both with the same annoying smile that not just shows that they’re enjoying what they’re doing, but that they know they’re better than anyone else. While Cena has been labeled with the good boy scout image but is constantly getting booed, Ronaldo has been given the more heelish persona in football and is relishing the boos thrown at him. Both of them are super athletes- and love them or hate them they will be mentioned in any “best in the world” discussion.

Messi- Brock Lesnar

The alien, the unfair one- while there’s a big difference in appearance, there’s no doubt that these are the 2 biggest monsters in each area- it seems like whatever you do there’s no real chance to beat them or even get a fair fight from them. Whatever you try to throw at them, you need to pray for them to be on an off day in order to get an actual shot in and perhaps have a shot- even though you don’t- no one does- wait for them to retire.


Got more comparisons- write them down in the comments below and maybe we’ll post a follow up article with the best ones.

Author: Josh Hayett

Josh is a retired comic book artist who never made it to the big leagues (to be fair- he never really tried) so now he’s here writing stuff about what other people are doing with their talents.
Always with an opinion about TV shows, Movies and especially why Marvel is the best ever,


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