Famous Actors Who Were Traumatized On-Set


Being an actor is not easy, especially when you’re dealing with a difficult crew.

These actors went through roles that have marked them for life.

As more and more actors are immersing themselves in to their characters on-screen, some even refusing to break character even when outside of the set, one must ask if this type of method acting is really worth the high prices often paid by these actors.

Method acting is basically a set of training and rehearsal techniques that aim to encourage a sincere and emotionally expressive performances, as formulated by a number of different theater practitioners, initially in the United States, where it is among the most popular—and controversial—approaches to acting.
These techniques rely on Stanislavski’s “system” – introduced by the Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavski. Though many have contributed to the development of the Method over time, three teachers are mainly associated with setting the standard of its success- each emphasizing different aspects of the approach: Lee Strasberg- emphasizing the psychological aspects, Stella Adler- with a focus on the sociological aspects, and Sanford Meisner- with the behavioral aspects focus.


Nowadays we find different actors both in theater, cinema and TV who have put their bodies through severe transformations and alterations in order to properly portray the character they’re playing, however once the role is over- the affects of such changes still remain- sometimes for life- leaving a deep physical, as well as an emotional scar on the actors- some even paying with their own lives.

The late Heath Ledger is a very famous example for the prices paid for such acting methods- many close to Ledger have claimed that the process he put himself into when preparing to play the Joker on “The Dark Knight” has driven him to a point of such mental instability which eventually may have made him overdose and cost him his life.

Some may even blame the stiff competition and impossible standards raised by the movie industry in order to receive proper recognition and the academy awards that go along with it.

Author: Josh Hayett

Josh is a retired comic book artist who never made it to the big leagues (to be fair- he never really tried) so now he’s here writing stuff about what other people are doing with their talents.
Always with an opinion about TV shows, Movies and especially why Marvel is the best ever,


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