Easy Jalapeño Poppers Recipe


In this episode of We Heart Food we show you how to make crispy and spicy cheese filled jalapeño poppers – perfect for a party!

You might think that inviting your friends over for a beer is cool, but what’s not cool is not having anything to munch on next to your beer.

But no worries- once again- we’ve got you covered.

This Recipe is so easy an quick, and best of all the spicy and cheesy combo is exactly what we love next to our cold beer- it also works next to a cocktail or just as a snack.

As always- please let us know the results in the comments below.

Author: Josh Hayett

Josh is a retired comic book artist who never made it to the big leagues (to be fair- he never really tried) so now he’s here writing stuff about what other people are doing with their talents.
Always with an opinion about TV shows, Movies and especially why Marvel is the best ever,


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