Berlin- the unofficial (or official- depending on who you ask) capitol of beer and nightlife is not short in bars and pubs where you can go and have a drink or two (or 25), but finding a place that knows how to craft its own beer is more of an art form, and finding the right beer for you in one of these places is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss!

But how can you find the right spot for you in a city so full of options?

Well- yours truly is here to help- after hitting the city with some good friends who know all the ins and outs of the big city- this is a list you’re going to want to keep for the next time you visit Berlin.



Protokoll- Berlin ; CC- Trip Advisor


Offering about 24 tap beers ( I only managed to try 6) “Protokoll” is exactly what the German modern beer scene revolution tries to bring to the table, Inspired by the global craft evolution.

This beer institute prides itself with top quality beer, limited releases, a very cozy atmosphere and unique tap list.

Name:  Protokoll

Where: Boxhagener Str. 110, 10245 Berlin Germany

Opens: 16:00



Not only offering a beer menu of no less than eleven craft beers “Straßenbräu” also offers a brew and a beer tasting course. If you manage to try all beers on the menu you’re lucky. the bar itself is very cozy and is located in an easy to reach and safe location.

The beer tasting course takes about two hours and teaches interesting facts and inside information about beer and the process of making it, besides that you’ll get the chance to taste seven different beers and learn about the differences between the different kinds of beer on the menu.

The beer brewing course takes about six hours and there you will learn everything you need to know about brewing beer. This includes hot drinks, lunch, tasting of ten different beers and the best thing is that three weeks after the course you’ll be invited to taste the beer you brewed on your own.

Name:  Straßenbräu

Where: Neue Bahnhofsstraße 30, Berlin-Friedrichshain

Opens: during the week 16:30-1:00  on the weekend 16:30 – until the last client

What to Do:


The Pub

If you are constantly worried that the service in bars is too slow to get you your beer in time, “The Pub” is the right place for you!

In this cool bar you can actually poor your beer on your own without leaving the table- as they offer beer taps on the tables themselves! They also serve pretty decent burgers, but for these you’re going to need the waiter and they wouldn’t let us make these at the table as well.

BTW- “The Pub” also has locations in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Romania

Name:  The Pub

Where: Boxhagener Str. 110, 10245 Berlin Germany

Opens: 16:00

What to Do:

  • Drink beer
  • Tap your own beer
  • Meet people
  • Eat some Burgers
  • Website

Author: Josh Hayett

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