Brewing coffee beans at home is a fragrant and smoky experience, but at the end of the process its pure pleasure in the glass.

We will begin with the means available in every home: a baking oven and a pan. Brewing at home must be considered that there will be plenty of smoke, soot and peels that will fly in the air – a real test of your family relationships…
In any case, and before going on to more sophisticated coffee-roasting methods, there are some basic rules for roasting coffee at home:

Brew coffee
Brew coffee beans at home

Brewing coffee in the oven: The oven must be heated to 150 degrees Celsius or 302 Fahrenheit. When the oven is hot enough, place an oven tray with the beans in one layer, this is important to get as much even browned as possible. After about 3 to 5 minutes raise the temperature to 220 degrees Celsius (about 430 degrees Fahrenheit) and wait for the sound of the first explosion than mix the beans once or twice with a wooden spoon try to put all the beans that were aside into the middle and vise versa. Raise the temperature about 20-30 degrees more and wait for the beans to heat well or until you’ll hear the second explosion. Remove the beans into a sieve with holes and then below the chaff and cool a bit the beans. It is best to cool the beans outdoors trust me…

coffee beans
coffee beans

Coffee roasting in a pan: Heat the pan over and pure some of the beans into it, also try to keep the beans in one layer. During this method try to stir every 30 seconds or so. You will notice that the beans are starting to change their color from green to brown and start to blow out chaff and smoke. Don’t panic. When you’ll hear the first explosion, you need be ready from here you must be careful, so you won’t burn the beans. Now it’s a matter of minutes before you must take the frying pan out of the fire so that the coffee beans will lose their aroma. When removing from the heat, cool the beans in a strainer and preferably with a fan and again outside.

Important note: Wait for at least a full day before drinking coffee

This is in a nutshell, on how to brew your coffee bean at home, if you really want to master this art you will need to be more precise with the way you’ll do it. And as always learn from your mistakes.

Best of luck and please share with us how it went…


Author: Josh Hayett

Josh is a retired comic book artist who never made it to the big leagues (to be fair- he never really tried) so now he’s here writing stuff about what other people are doing with their talents.
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