If you have any room for nostalgia in your heart and were born somewhere in the 80’s or 90’s, you must have a warm place in your heart for the epic strategy game by Blizzard- Starcraft.
following the footsteps of earlier successful game with similar strategic concepts like Warcraft- Starcraft took real-time strategic game play to space and did it well- while presenting iconic hero’s like Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan.

If you were anything like myself you also enjoyed the epic stories around the game itself, as Blizzard actually took it to the next level when laying out a detailed back story for each race, the connections between them, the deep reasons for any type of animosity between them, and enough open questions to get us hooked on the game with hope to get some answers while playing it.

While Starcraft 2 has been around for a while now- with its release date at July of 2017, Blizzard are now releasing the game for free- probably with hopes to get a firm grip on the ever growing gaming community- and establishing the game as an open and free battlefield for friends and gamers.

Not so long ago we saw a similar hype when a relatively old game was repackaged and introduced to us in a new version when Pokemon Go! was released (remember when that was a thing?) and now Blizzard are hoping to ride the nostalgia train themselves when offering the game for free and bringing up the hype for an oldie.

the Game is free to download at starcraft2.com and offers all game options such as the ” Wings of Liberty” campaign, online multiplayer games and random scenarios at different game-play levels.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already downloaded it, and I now have my plans for the weekend laid out.

Let me know your thoughts about the game in the comments.

Author: Josh Hayett

Josh is a retired comic book artist who never made it to the big leagues (to be fair- he never really tried) so now he’s here writing stuff about what other people are doing with their talents.
Always with an opinion about TV shows, Movies and especially why Marvel is the best ever,


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