Marvel Studios just dropped the trailer to what’s probably the biggest superhero movie to date, Avengers: Infinity War, to many a fanboys’ and fangirls’ delight. In anticipation of its May 2018 release – it could not come any sooner! –, here are five curious details you may have not immediately noticed in the trailer, which could give us an idea on what to expect from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes



5. Iron Hulk?


In one of the scenes from the trailer, we see Mark Rufallo’s Bruce Banner onscreen. Now, this all seems like par for the course unless, of course, you consider that he’s standing in front of the gigantic arm of Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster armor. As such, a lot of nerds out there think that the jolly green giant will be wearing it. Of course, it’s a stretch to assume that we’re going to see Bruce Banner (or Hulk even) donning ol’ shell head’s humongous suit. But hey, if there’s one thing fanboys are good at, it’s overzealous speculation.




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