Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia for travelers from all around the world. Bangkok is Thailand´s capital and most populous city, where around 8.2 million Thai people live. It is known for its golden Buddhist temples, huge Buddha statues, delicious Thai food, huge skyscrapers, cheap markets, and a vibrant night life scene. Each of us knows the song “One night in Bangkok” and you should definitely try to stay longer than just one night, if you don´t want to miss out some of Bangkok´s greatest sights and activities.

Here are the 4 places you simply must visit in Bangkok


4. The Grand Palace

Located in the heart of Bangkok´s city, the Grand Palace is the former home of the King and government, which is nowadays the spiritual heart for the Thais. The Emerald Buddha and the Central Court are included in the entry ticket and worth a visit as well. Tourists should make sure to dress properly with long trousers and shirts covering your shoulders. The Grand Palace and the buildings within the complex are very majestic with golden features, impressive statures, stunning architecture, and great gardens.

The Grand Palace


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