Good dates are hard to come by and are usually very costly, but what should you do when you and your date simply want to sped some time together without tearing into your wallet?

Here’s an awesome list of ideas you should definitely try out on your next date night

20. Pick a random neighborhood and Explore it

Have you ever tried being a tourist in your own city? Take the bus, a subway or even a city bike, get off at  random stops you are unfamiliar with, and explore. It’ll feel great to spend a day with no inhibitions and hey, the date practically plans itself!

19. Take a hike

Head to the closest trail and go on a hiking date. If you and your partner happen to be morning people, make it a sunrise hike—you’ll get some killer shots for Facebook.

18. Get all fancy and go to an expensive open house

Put on a cocktail dress, strap on a tie, and become whoever you’d like to be for one day! Check local listings of open houses and take a look around a dream home that you and your date could never afford. Tip: Walk in like you own the place (just don’t go too far and  try to actually own the place).

17. Hit a free concert

No matter where you live, there’s usually a good, free concert going on. Plan a date around it, and enjoy the good music (sometimes the date would even be better if the concert sucks)

16. Try geocaching


This modern-day real-world treasure hunt is the perfect adventure. Visit to begin your active escapade. Who knows what you’ll find!

15. Find an outdoors movie screening

This is the classic dinner and a movie date with a (free) twist! Instead of heading out to a pricey restaurant, plan a picnic followed by a free movie screening in the park. It will be way more romantic than a stuffy movie theater, anyway.

14. Indoor game night

This is the perfect group date activity. Split up into teams and let the dice (and the good times) roll. A little recommendation for an awesome game? Cards Against Humanity is always a hit!

13. Spend a night at the museum

Look online for times that local museums offer free admission (it’s usually in the evening) and roam around with that special someone.

12. Spend a day at the beach

Take a dip, make a sandcastle, play a game of beach volleyball, or just totally chill out together while soaking up some sun this summer.

11. Host a poker night

Can you keep a poker face? Find out by playing a game of poker with your date, waging with anything other than money.

10. Go Roller Skating

Strap on some roller skates and roll around town or a nearby park with your date. In the winter you can swap out the roller skates and go ice skating at a park rink.

9. Build a Slip ‘N Slide

Set up a Slip ‘N Slide in your backyard. Not only is this silly date a sure-fire hit, but it’s refreshing way for the two of you to cool off in the summer heat.

8. Test drive your dream car


Rev up the car and the relationship by getting behind the wheel and test driving your dream car with your date.

7. Volunteer

SALINAS, Calif. (Aug. 6, 2009) Sailors and Navy Delayed Entry Program members serve breakfast to homeless men and women at Dorothy’s Soup Kitchen in Salinas, Calif. during Salinas Navy Week community service event. Salinas Navy Week is one of 21 Navy Weeks planned across America in 2009. Navy Weeks are designed to show Americans the investment they have made in their Navy and increase awareness in cities that do not have a significant Navy presence. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Steve Johnson/Released)

Whether you want to play with the puppies at an animal shelter or help out at a soup kitchen, volunteering with your date is not only super fulfilling, but you’ll make some awesome memories in the process.

6. Plan a movie marathon

Pop some popcorn, cuddle up together on the couch, and start up a movie marathon, a.k.a. Netflix and chill. Take turns watching picking what to watch.

5. Find a food market and munch on the free samples

Feeling hungry but don’t want to splurge on a restaurant date? Head over to a local food market or food festival with your date and snack on some delicious samples.

4. Camp out in your backyard

Pitch a tent in the backyard for the night. Make a bonfire, roast a marshmallow (or two, or three) and end off the evening with some stargazing—there’s nothing more romantic than that!

3. Play a messy game of Twister

Take it to the backyard and play game of messy Twister. The same rules apply, but put coordinated paint colors on the Twister circles and let the games begin!

2. Go to a local basketball court and play some one on one

There’s nothing better than letting your competitive spirit out now and then, so head to the local basketball court and challenge that special someone to a one-on-one showdown.

1. Karaoke night

Whether you sound like Beyoncé or William Hung from “American Idol,” karaoke is always a great way to loosen up and have some fun! A no-cost way to do it: Troll the app store for free apps you can download and sing along to.

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